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2011-05-28 18:07:21 by Kflame

Yeah so I have been pretty busy and Im sorry to say that my Megaman Zero based movie.... HAS BEEN CANCELED!!!

However I am now working on something new, a movie based off of the Anime/Manga One Piece. I have already made a preview and wrote the script so I can assure you that there will at least be one entry in this new series before I just stop making them...

But anyway the preview should be up tomorrow and here is a image to get a taste of how the movie will look, enjoy!


Yeah so...

2011-01-14 14:15:07 by Kflame

Im kinda mixed with flash right now. On one hand Im still trying to work on my new Megaman inspired movie but Im also trying to start up a new series with one of my friends. I just released a preview for that movie and I strongly suggest you check it out. Its only like 1 minute long. So right now here is my numbers:

Megaman Movie: like 70 percent complete, aiming for a release in February or March
Bearman: like 5 percent complete, still just working on drawing animation, still I could release that movie soon cause I doubt its gonna be too long.

So yeah... that all I got to say...

Oh and Toast is good..

I got some bad news...

2010-09-25 23:33:20 by Kflame

Well for everyone waiting for DragonBall Z: Episode 3.... Sorry but the series is over. Due to lack of time and sprites I have decided to end the series. Now I know this didn't have a huge following but nevertheless Im sorry to anyone who was really excited for the next episode.

However I do have some good news. First off I would like to say that I am starting on a new series at this time with a much more original story and characters, you can expect the first episode in the coming months (hopefully before Christmas). The other good news is that if you guys want it I do have Episode 3 pretty much finished just without a lot of the editing and sound. If any fans just wanna see what the third episode was just leave a comment saying so and I will post it...

Keep checking in for more updates for the new series.


2010-06-10 19:21:31 by Kflame

Okay so sadly I have put DBZ Ep. 3 on a maybe permanent stop.... However I have started and basically finished a new series which should be up in a week or so.

Also I made this whole movie in like 5-10 days without editing so if you like it you can expect the movies to come out in a much faster period of time.

Ep 3 is coming eventually...

2010-04-17 22:19:26 by Kflame

Okay so for all of my loyal fans (if I have any) Episode 3 is actually done but I am having some issue with the sound. I am planning on finishing it up even if the sound sucks so please just hold on a little longer.... Oh and Episode 3 is awesome.

Im Back!!!

2009-07-22 17:47:38 by Kflame

Well for anyone that cares, I am back. My computer broke and all of episode 3 was deleted but I am back with a new and much better computer so I am gonna have to rerip the sprites and remake ep.3 but anyway ep3 is gonna be coming in the next few months so be patient...


2008-08-16 00:53:19 by Kflame

Okay so Im in the middle of 3 projects right now...

My firs priority is the third episode of my Dragonball Z series, DBZ Ep. 3 this is also the only movie I am working on by myself..

The second one is called Random MGS4 (dont have a real title yet) which is a comedic look at MGS4 Im working with two begginer flash artists Lexpet123 and Zking55 who will mainly do the voices..

And my third project Im workin on is Super Mario Mistakes which is exactly what you think and that is a Mario Blooper movie and I am working on this with Zking55..

Well thats all and here is a pic that shows a little from all 3..


Episode 3?

2008-07-24 00:18:43 by Kflame

I will be starting Episode 3 of my DBZ series soon despite the fact that i just finished episode 2 and it is already on Newgrounds. It will probably take about the same about of time to make (1-2 months). I will be getting a little help from Glukom and Zking55 who will help me with ideas, sounds and animation. Like before if you have any questions about the story just send me a PM and I might tell you.

Episode 2!!

2008-07-04 15:39:58 by Kflame

Episode two of my DBZ Sprite "series" should be hitting the portal in the next few weeks, I am almost done with the episode and most of the problems were fixed..... Now you can move the text with the spacebar so it cant go too fast or two slow, There is more fighting, each fight is about 1-2 minutes long with a little storytelling included, so when it comes out make sure to give it a 5!

P.S. If there is any part of the story that you wan t to know I will be happy to tell you if you Pm me or you just write a comment, either way I will send you a PM back to tell...............


2008-06-17 17:34:34 by Kflame

Well I got Metal Gear Solid 4 at the mid-night release and its a good thing it came out because I was about 10 seconds away from throwing my PS3 out the window but that's another story.

Well first of all I would like to say that Konami did deliver so if you have a PS3 and you were thinking of getting the game I strongly suggest that you get it. Now one thing I did notice about the game is that they did tone down the comedy in this game despite some of the small things like the fact that instead of the name "Snake" above your healthbar it says "Old Snake" and that you can unlock a mask that makes you walk around as Otacon or Campbell. Now a lot of things haven't changed, Otacon's a nerd, Ocelot (or Liquid Ocelot) a douchebag, and Vamp is basically immortal. Now in a way this game is easier then some of the rest due to the fact that you have a suit called the Octocamo which blends into floors, walls and just about anything else you can stand next to, but if you want to get the Big Boss Emblem you better clear up your schedule cause you are gonna do a lot of hiding and a lot of non-killing in about 5 hours of course.

Now the four main bosses are the Laughing Octopus, Raging Raven, Crying Wolf and Screaming Mantis which are all women who got pretty messed up in the head when they were young and now they are demonic super soilders. Now if your wondering why Snakeis so old im not gonna tell you cause you can figure it out on your own. Well its a good game and even if you dont know much of the story thats okay cause probably the two best parts of this game are the graphics and the gameplay so have fun.